The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar

As we know from stories, Knights Templar hold many secrets about different treasures: the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Jesus, the Ark of the Testament and other items that have sparked many legends. You will experience physical and intellectual challenges, you will find scattered pieces of information and maps… all in order to identify a secret place where a chest can be found, wich holds a mysterious content.

Way of organizing:

Participants will be organized into teams and will participate in several trials.

This program aims to involve all participants in activities and depending on the capacity and skills to be self-managed in order to finish the challenges that have at stake obtaining pieces of paper or clues with which they arrive to find the chest in which lies a mysterious object belonging to the Knights Templar.

The recipe for success is a proper project management in which all categories of resources need to be managed: human, material and information.
After finishing with success these trials, the teams will get hints: pieces of messages, piece of map that put together will reveal the hideout of the secret trunk, which holds one small personalized gift for every team member.


Eyes of Durga

An Indian deity, Shiva’s wife with three eyes and twelve hands. The three eyes in the form of traps must be moved with only a string.

Swamp of the white swan

In search of the white swan (one of the legends of the Templars), the team must cross a “swamp” with a vehicle in a form of makeshift platform and wooden cylinders through common effort.

The Chamber of traps

A room where every move can be fatal and must be accessed by the participants following certain steps. Planning is extremely important.

Labyrinth of the Grail

Statues of two deities must be transported from one place to another through a “maze” using bicycles to wich can be driven remotely by means of rope.

David’s Sanctuary

 A secret sanctuary that holds the Star of David can reveal a secret clue if five big metal balls are placed in the five corners of the star. Access to the area is limited but with the help of the team members it is possible.

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