Tug of war

Tug of war is a sport that directly puts two or more teams against each other in a test of strength: teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team’s pull. Participants are divided into two teams and are placed zigzagged.

Jumping bags

Depending on the number of participants in the contest, it can be arranged individually or in teams. Competitors are introduced up to the waist in bags and will jump until they reach the finish line.

The observatory

Using a telescope you can look more closely at the wonders that only nature provides.

Tower of tires

A game consisting of a wooden pole stuck in the ground and many car tires. The aim is to introduce all the tires on the wooden pillar.

Spider web

Between two trees (poles) a “spider web” is built using rope. The group’s task is that all members passing from one side of the net to the other without anyone touching any wires.

Limping football

Two by two participants will be bound together by feet (left leg – right leg), and will be divided into two teams. They will play football after the standard rules, but they will need maximum synchronization in order to be able to perform as good as usual.

Team Ski

Teams of 4-10 people will have to cover a certain distance using two “skis” which have strings tied to them. Steps can be taken only by the entire team.

The carriage in the swamp

Crossing a bounded area by a vehicle in a form of a makeshift platform and wooden cylinders through common effort.

Bungee Bowling

Through a system of pulleys, the competitors will handle a colleague in order to recover an object from a network of ropes / obstacles, all in three dimensions.

Vasile the drunkard

Vasile is a poor wooden cyclist in trouble, which teams will help to follow a route using ropes attached to his bicycle.

The crossing

An imaginary river that must be crossed using “stones” that are left on the surface and a few boards.

The Big A

A wooden frame in the shape of A, about the size of a man can be transformed into a vehicle using teammates.

The pipeline

The construction of a pipeline using small pieces of pipe, that can carry an amount of liquid without loss.

Water reserve

Filling a container with water, located at height using only the resources provided for this purpose.

The trail of rope

An exercise of vision, strategy and logic where the team must find a way to unite more points arranged in a predefined geometric shape, using a rope.

Escape from the triangle

The team is trapped in a confined space that is marked with tape at the height of one meter. Using strength and intelligence the members will be able to escape from this area.

The bridge of friendship

A derelict bridge consisting of two wires is challenging, but with the help of a colleague it can be crossed. This activity develops confidence, communication and synchronization between participants.

Bungee Petanque

Placing five “petanque” balls as close to the target, however not in any way, but by using a rope, is not an easy task and it requires teamwork.

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