Just an ordinary day, alarm clock, breakfast (on the run), to the garage, concrete jungle, bad roads, Sunday drivers, traffic jam, urban smells, no parking space, right on “time”, boss is coming, fast-food for lunch, office birds, stress, mountains of paper work, end of schedule, on the way home, nothing in the fridge, a movie, one beer, bed time, tomorrow, here we go again.
We can change all of the above.
Wake up by the sound of nature and taste from its kitchen. Discover the Off Road experience: adrenaline, mud, nerves of steel, courage, mountains, forests, swamps, ravines, cascades, national parks, caves, and lakes.
The real treats that fuel our spirit are the traditional organic food and the local spirit made from handpicked plums or pears.
Our passion drives through the deepest forests, across the highest peaks, wildest trails or no trail at all, across the land away from civilization.


Off Road implies working in a natural and unpredictable environment we are taking all the necessary measures in order to protect and cherish all the treasures the nature has to offer.
We are fully prepared, both with adequate equipment and professional Off Road drivers, to ensure the safety of our guest delivering a unique and incredible experience.


We promote and encourage the respect for nature and the conservation of customs and traditions.
We present in our expeditions a simple and complete image of everything that means; Romania, traditions, curiosity and spirit of adventure, wild and beautiful natural settings. This passion becomes a challenge because nature is full of surprises in any given day and location. The true rewards nature has to offer are worth every drop of energy that we dedicate overcoming its harshness.