Rappel means controlled descent rope-insured alongside the vertical walls of rock. The descent is done with the aid of specific safety equipment(string, buck, harness, carabiners, gloves, helmet).


Descent of dry and wet canyons(cascades and waterfalls) using alpinism techniques, but only in certain locations.

Zip line

Zip line is an activity in which participants “fly” virtually above the earth. For ‘flight’ to be possible, each participant is fully secured by a harness.

The net of courage

A vertically net spread between two trees becomes a test of skill and courage.

Crossing on two cords

The two cords are mounted vertically, one will be the deck itself and the second is the railing.


Probably the best way to discover the mountains of Romania is with a mountain bike, going up and down the mountain trails, through rich forests and flowery fields, deep in the mountain canyons or up on the ridges. For this activity, participants will receive safety equipment.


Archery is an activity that has been practiced since ancient times. This sport develops concentration, improves mental balance and coordination.

Rifle shooting

Target shooting with the pellet rifle is a sport that allows participants to discover the talent to hit the targets wich are placed at fairly large distances.

Catapult shooting

Using a variety of resources, the contestants will enter a race against time to build a real “miracle” of technology. Finally, the participants will need to shoot these catapults in specific targets to establish the winner.


Paintball is a sport that reinforces the character where players learn about teamwork, gain confidence in themselves, develop leadership skills and have fun, whilst releasing stress. Protective equipment consists of: suit, mask and gloves.


Firing a slingshot is an interesting activity and at the same time challenging, it requires concentration and some physical force. Participants will have a limited number of “projectiles”, after the contest the winner will be announced.

Plane flight

Flight over Bârsa, Râşnov fortress, Bran castle, Zărnești bear natural park and many other amazing places.

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